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Gift a Metal Bird

FREE Mini Cardinal
with any two birds -
while stocks last!

Gift a Metal Bird

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"Love our Metalbird! What a great gift for my Dad."

Steve, Tennessee

A Wonderful Gift For Dad

Woman Holding Metalbird Gift Box Made from Recycled Paper


Surprise and delight dad with a fitting, beautiful tribute and thoughtfully designed gift

Woman Holding Metalbird and Metalbird Postcard


Let dad know exactly how you feel by including a personalized message on a beautiful card

Metalbird with The Sunset as a Backdrop


Gift dad a beautiful and ever changing piece of art that shifts with light, weather and the seasons

Flocks of Metalbirds Perched in the wilderness

Find out what's making Karen smile everytime she gets home

Find out how Cassey is honoring her grand parents

Find out what Greg is so excited about

Find out Alysha's uniques way of showing hometown pride

Made with Love

Guys Polishing of Metalbirds


Give dad something he'll be proud of. Metalbirds are precisely cut then polished off by hand with high level attention to detail and care

Person holding a Metalbird

Premium Materials

Dad deserves the best. Made from Corten steel, the same material used for famous outdoor art like the Chicago Picasso and Alamo in New York

Woman Hammering a Metalbird to a tree

Thoughtfully Designed

Give dad something that will delight. From unboxing to installation, we have made sure to make the experience simple and delightful

Photo of Phil Walters, founder and owner of Metalbird, holding a Metalbird in his workshop

Join The World's Largest Art Project

I started Metalbird as a guerrilla street art project in New Zealand back in 2009. Inspired by stencil artist Banksy, I designed, crafted and hammered up dozens of life-sized, Metalbird stencils for no other reason than to surprise, delight and intrigue.

Before long, the art project had turned into a side hustle, then a full time job, and finally with a small team we set ourselves the lofty goal of becoming “the Largest Art Installation Project in the World”.

We love what we do, we hope it shows. Welcome to the project!

Phil Walters, Founder & Designer of Metalbird

Easy to Install

Step 1: Unbox

Step 2: Hammer

Step 3: Enjoy

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